Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trial and Error

The saying "you win some, you loose some" definitely holds true in the kitchen! I try to include at least one new recipe a week into our menu. This keeps things from getting boring and allows me some creative license. Over the years I have found some really great recipes this way and they are now a part of our regular meal planning. On the flip side of that, we have also had some not-so-great meals. This is a worthwhile risk for me and thank goodness I have a husband who appreciates a little adventure.

Generally, if I have made something new I will simply ask Josh after a few bites what he thinks. He will either say "this is great" and I need to make it again or "it didn't hurt to try, but I wouldn't care for it again any time soon." I don't take this personally, since most of the time I am just following the recipe and usually we are in agreement.

I share all that to say that last week I had two flops. Just to be honest with you, I thought I would pass them on. We live and learn, right. I tried a Thai peanut chicken recipe for our stir fry last week. After looking at several recipes I noticed that a little peanut butter was a common ingredient so I thought I would try it out. Not so great, I wouldn't recommend it. I prefer a lighter stir fry sauce and this was just too heavy. Also, I freeze lots of things and this usually works great, but I learned last week that you can't freeze and reheat mashed potatoes. This was one time that we really couldn't eat them, I threw them out and made extra veggies instead.

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