Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shopping at Sam's Club

Shopping at Sam's Club has always been an event in the Newton household. For some reason we have always loved going to Sam's and that is even true for our 3 year old son, Jack. The highlights of course are getting to watch "Cars" the movie on the giant plasma screens, going to all of the sample stations (I confess we are on a first name basis with a couple of these sweet women), and getting a smiley face on the back of our receipt as we leave.

A couple years into our marriage Josh and I got a membership to Sam's Club and truthfully used it mostly for the gasoline. One of our favorite things to do Sundays on our way home from church was to stop for the samples. Often we wouldn't buy anything, just circle the store to pick up our "appetizers" then head home for lunch. Over the years though I have started to rely on wholesale products more and more for our weekly grocery and household needs.

I admit that it can be overwhelming to walk into this giant store. Some of the first thoughts to cross your mind may be "where am I going to keep 10 packages of toilet paper!" or "I can't afford to spend all that money in one shopping trip." I can't answer your storage questions, but hopefully, I can help to break down a few of the cost benefits of buying in bulk and offer suggestions that have worked for me so that I don't break the bank with one giant shopping trip.

Tomorrow I will continue this post by listing some of the regular items that we purchase at Sam's Club. I will include prices for the various staple items and hints for deciding when to buy in bulk.

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