Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Started

My sweet husband gave me a very unique and creative anniversary gift this year...this blog! Cooking and homemaking have always been passions of mine as a wife and mother. As I have matured in these roles I have come to find my niche in budgeting and planning healthy meals for our family of three. Over the years I have had some opportunity to share a few tips here and there with friends and I have found that the dilemma of cooking from scratch and preparing healthy meals on a sometimes tight budget is something that most women are interested in, but have a hard time getting excited about.

I will not claim to have all the answers, but I do believe this is a gift and a passion that God has given me and I am so humbled to have the opportunity to share it with others. My desire is to see women grow in their love for cooking and that they would be excited about preparing meals for their family. I hope women will see this is a ministry to their family and a faithful response of our biblical role as the caregivers of our homes.

Please be patient with me as I begin this blogging process. My natural inclination is to just hold off until I have everything perfect, but I know that point won't ever come. So, we can work out the kinks together.

For starters, I will post a blog at the end of each week with my menu for the coming days. This will include links to tested recipes and money-saving tips for planning a menu. Along the sidebar you will be able to see my grocery list for that week as well. Other posts throughout the week will range in nature from family favorite recipes, using coupons, meal ideas, time-saving tips, to related articles on biblical womanhood.

So, thank you again to my sweet husband for pushing me into this adventure. Let's get started!

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